Know How

We are continuously reinventing ourselves to meet the challenges of localizing in the ever changing digital revolution.

Our expertise formula is double

  • We choose the BEST PROFESSIONALS: certified translators, native and seasoned voice talents, software developers specialized in localization processes, new generation DTP, video and audio editors and dedicated multilingual project managers.
  • We work with the MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY for localization: besides constantly updating our software collection, we develop APIs and other special software to cater to the specific needs of a localizing project, providing an efficient workflow and flawless output.

A Brief History

As many successful companies, PrimeVoices was born in a garage on the outskirts of Lyon, France. It was back in April 2000 when we identify and pursue a promising niche in the market for multilingual audio and video. The background of the founders was quite helpful, since we put together our experience in different fields: international journalism, computer sciences and TV production. We also spoke 7 languages put together, a skill that proved to be useful when dealing with overseas clients and providers.

A small business, family run but with a vision to provide top-notch, “prime” voices and multimedia localizing services to companies around the world. So from our modest base in Lyon, France, we began reaching out to a growing global demand thanks to the Internet and its digital revolution.

Our customer base grew and our services raised the attention of International TV stations broadcasting in several languages. They started buying our services, after appreciating our quick turnaround and expertise in audio and video engineering. We also became content providers producing reports and feature stories. Then by 2005 major localizing companies became strategic clients to this day, since they saw clear synergies between their translation services and our audio-visual know-how. Other recurrent clients who help support our business are recording studios, international companies, web and app developers.

Our staff expanded in France and Ecuador, where we opened up in 2011 a subsidiary for post-production and multimedia. Since then our network became as international as our business, adding partner studios in China, Poland, Brazil, Italy and Russia as well as 1,600 professional voice talents and translators.

Mission & Values

Mission of PrimeVoices: helping clients land on the global market thanks with our localizing services


We help our customers succeed their landing on the global markets, by providing professional localizing services for audio, video and multimedia using the most advanced technology.

Core values of PrimeVoices by a professional team


Our professional teams commit to being

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Performant
  • Accurate
  • Flexible


PrimeVoices S.A.R.L. 
is a Language Service Provider / LSP

A limited liability company with share capital of € 40,000
Les Lys. 5 Allée des Chevreuils, Parc Tertiaire de Bois Dieu, 69380 Lissieu, FRANCE
Phone +33 9 80 09 08 25

Publication manager: Constantino de Miguel


Our best resource is our people.

We are LSP professionals dedicated to the success of any localizing project, big or small, pooling together years of experience and knowledge and devoting outstanding customer service well beyond deliveries.

Meet our management

Constantino de Miguel, CEO, Founder PrimeVoices, Communications Constantino de Miguel CEO - Communication & Marketing

He has worked for over 25 years as a journalist, foreign correspondent, news editor and TV producer for radio and TV stations in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, China, the US and France. Former communications officer for an international organization (IUCN) and still occasional media trainer for Fortune 500 companies. Constantino founded PrimeVoices in april 2000. He is in charge of the company’s’ business development, client relations as well as overall communications and marketing.

Grazia Rossi, manager PrimeVoices, cofounder Grazia Rossi General Manager

Grazia runs the company since its creation in 2000 as the general manager. Native of Ecuador and Italian nationality, Grazia was a producer of Latin American “telenovelas” (sitcoms) and numerous TV advertisements. Grazia is our artistic director with a unique ability and flair to cast. recruit and engage the right voice talents for a particular project. For over 10 years Grazia has worked as a video editor at an international TV station, getting a keen eye on localizing audio-visual productions for worldwide audiences.

Sergio Angeletti, IT Manager PrimeVoices, cofounder Sergio Angeletti IT General Manager

Computer developer in his home country Italy, Sergio started his career as a technician in a computer store in Florence. He then moved as chief engineer in a photo developing company and during the 90s piloted the transition to digital photography. Sergio was co-founder of PrimeVoices and joined the company as full time IT manager in 2007. At the helm of a software developing team, Sergio puts his mathematical thinking to work orchestrating new solutions to the many digital challenges in localization.

Gianna Rossi, Account Manager PrimeVoices Gianna Rossi Administration Officer

Thanks to her background as a banking clerk in her native Ecuador, Gianna keeps the books at PrimeVoices and manages accounts receivable and payable. Dealing with providers and clients from over 50 countries is a daily challenge Gianna embraces and at which she excels. As a former wedding planner, Gianna is an expert in organizing events and rolling out the red carpet whenever necessary.

Pietro Iulita, DTP & Graphic Manager PrimeVoices Pietro Iulita DTP & Graphic Manager

As our DTP team leader, Pietro leads a young and enthusiastic team constantly challenged with new multilingual and technical requirements on captioning, subtitling, web creation, graphic engineering and e-marketing. Our chief designer is the creator of PrimeVoices’ current visual identity. Since 2003 Pietro is behind the look and feel of any printed or online presentation from our company, including this website.

Meet our teams

Problem-solving, multi-task and of course multilingual, these are the features that best define PrimeVoices teams. We see ourselves as natural partners for companies and organizations wishing to communicate globally using effective and innovative solutions in audio and video.

Our people not only offer you many years of experience and abilities in the area of mutlimedia localization, but also full personal involvement, quick response and advice at all stages of your project so that we meet and even exceed your expectations.

  • Project Managers
  • Artistic Directors
  • Voice talents
  • Sound Engineers
  • Translators
  • Proofreaders
  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Editors


Acoustically treated studios for recordings, post-production suites for audio and video editing and a battery of DTP workstations, we have the space and the tools to process many different projects at a time, no matter how complex, multi-lingual or multi-platform they are. From our headquarters in France we are expanding globally with a new studio audio and DTP facility in Ecuador, South America as well as partner studios in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Creating the right acoustic environment for recording our “prime voices” has been our company’s biggest investment. Our sound studios are our greatest technical asset. When you hear our recordings, you will understand why we are so proud. The UK specialist in acoustic design, Studio People, has built three recording studios for us. Our control rooms and booths are not only great-looking and modern, but they provide the ideal acoustic environment for sound reproduction and voice recording.

Keyboard studio PrimeVoices for Protools HD recording and editing

Control Rooms

Unique architecture especially created for the finest sound reproduction: insulated walls to eliminate any noise or rumble from outside, sound proof doors and windows, along with an irregular shape of the room and padded ceilings. We use ProTools HD with high-end preamplifiers Avalon and Millenia, as well as Neumann microphones to get the best warm sound from our voices.

Recording booth, sound-proofed, voice over recordings

Soundproofed Booths

With a typical “room within a room” structure, our studios are surrounded by an empty chamber of 30 cm coupled with thick acoustic doors and special sealed windows. Damping materials within the walls, thick carpet on the floor, and padded tables absorb reflecting noises to create a neutral sound and the perfect ambiance for voice recording. Air ducts feed A/C to the interior through a series of buffers providing a non audible fresh air flow for the comfort of the voice talents inside the booth.

Full Audio / Video Services


  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann TLM 107


  • Dynaudio BM 15a
  • Focal SOLO6 BE


  • Millenia STT-1
  • Avalon VT 737sp
  • Digidesign 192 I/O

Power computing:

  • Mac Pro ®
  • Dell ®


  • Protools HD ®
  • Sound Forge ®
  • FinalCut Pro ®
  • Adobe Creative Suite ®

Remote Recording

It’s always a great moment to welcome you as a customer in our studios and share with you the comfort and acoustics of our recording suites. However if you are located far away from Lyon or France, we suggest distant recording. You will avoid the hassle and costs of travelling to supervise a particular recording. Using Skype or Source Connect we will connect you with your favourite voice talent here or anywhere in the world. You will be able to direct the artist in real time and get the best tone and intention for your script. If the talent doesn't speak your language, no worries, we will always get your message across to him with our multilingual staff. With distant recording we get 100% customer satisfaction and everybody involved enjoys a great working moment.

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Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) makes it possible to monitor and direct our talents at PrimeVoices in real time. If you are a studio or media center and have ISDN lines, you can also record in high resolution from our studios thanks to a simultaneous remote connection. Using ISDN allows us to access some remote talents and partner studios with great sound and full direct control of the project. ISDN and IP audio recording give us real-time worldwide coverage and provide our clients with voicing services in virtually any language. We use Audio TX, an ISDN Audio Codec, which can also send and receive any live audio over IP network. For more information on ISDN and IP lines and prices, please contact us.


Our company’s HQ is located 5 km to the North of Lyon, France, a major European crossroads due to its proximity to Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain.


5 Allée des Chevreuils
Parc Tertiaire de Bois Dieu 69380Lissieu, France

Phone: + 33 9 80 09 08 25
Skype ID: prime-voices


This is the town where the first motion picture was created back in 1895. From cinema to television, Lyon has developed a “savoir faire” in everything related to entertainment and multimedia.

With over 30,000 jobs in 2,000 companies, the Lyon area ranks among the world leaders in the digital industry and is a key hub in the European Information Society.