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Voice-Over and Dubbing Services

With over 1,500 native talents in 80 languages and dialects, we surely have the right tone of voice for your project. We offer different solutions for your foreign voice-over needs depending on your budget and requirements.

  • Not timed voice-over or regular audio recordings Non-Timed Voices
  • Dubbing or timed voices, synched to videos Dubbings
  • TTS synthetic voices for any script TTS Synthetic Voices

Non-Timed Audio

If you have a text, a script, tutorial, presentation, advertisement etc and you just need a good professional native voice to make it alive and get the message across, just send us the lines. We cover most languages and ensure a quick turnaround at cost-effective rates.

We produce quality-checked spoken audio without time constraints at a throughput rate of 15 audio minutes per studio hour, including recording, monitoring and post-production.

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Non timed audio for any script, tutorial or presentation


Everytime there is a video or an animation and you want to deliver the audio in a foreign language, you need to dubb.

Dubbing is the process of replacing the original speech or dialogue with the translated spoken audio. At PrimeVoices we distinguish 4 kinds of voice-over dubbings.

  • Timed audio to sync with pictures Timed Audio
  • UN Voice-over for television, corporate presentations and documentaries UN Voice-Over
  • Phrase synch for any video dubbing to characters as in e-learning Phrase - Synch
  • Lip synching for any video dubbing to characters as in the cinema Lip - Synch
Software and hardware tools to make flawless lip-synch Check out our tools for Phrase and Lip-Synch
Audio off camera or straight audio

Timed Audio

Also known as off-camera or straight read, timed audio is a voice-over used when there are no "talking heads" in the video and pure narration is required.
The audio should match each segment of the video, pictures, animation or titles, therefore the translated script should respect the timings of those elements. It takes one studio hour to record and post-produce 20 minutes of timed audio.

UN Voice-Over

Audio for interviews on television, features and documentaries
It's used for radio and TV reports, news and documentaries especially for interviews. The voice onscreen speaks in his or her native language for up to 3 seconds , then the speech fades out and the translating voice takes over. The native language is still heard on the background, keeping both the authenticity and emotions of the original speaker. It takes one studio hour to record and post-produce 15 minutes of UN Voice-Over.
Audio off camera or straight audio


Close attention is still made to the original timing of the piece but there is no focus on mirroring lip movement of the characters onscreen. The original voice is muted and replaced by the foreign voice, who starts and ends his or her speech at the same time as the character. For a successful phrase-synch, translated dialogue lines should be as long as the original script, to allow that timing match. It's used in e-learning, tutorials and corporate presentations. It takes one studio hour to record and post-produce 10 minutes of phrase-synch


Audio for interviews on television, features and documentaries
The translating voice-over artist matches the speed, tone and personality of the original character so that the two synch together. The result is that the onscreen person looks as if he was originally speaking that language. This requires a time consuming process of adapting the translation both to the length of the original phrases and the lip movements of the onscreen character. This technique is used in the movies as it requires an important budget. If the script is duly adapted for lip-synch it takes one studio hour to record and post-produce 5 minutes of lip-synch.

Synthetic voices or TTS, computerized voice
TTS Synthetic Voices

The new frontier of human-sounding audio is called Text to Speech or TTS, where computers can provide a synthetic voice perfectly understandable but lacking prosody and emotion. However TTS can be a cost-effective solution for short messages on the fields of IVR telephony, software, audio prompts for impaired as well as warnings and disclaimers.

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Robot voices or TTS for small messages or IVRs
Subtitling and captioning as a multimedia service

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What we do

Commercials for radio,
TV and Internet

Commercial ads and spots for radio, TV and the Internet for national and international audiences
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E-learning audio and video courses, localizing and authoring in multiple languages
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Medical, Pharma, Scientific

Medical, pharma and scientific audio with accuracy and clarity in voice delivery
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Web, Internet, Apps

We master engineering of web and apps, from audio to graphics and animations
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Video Games

Video games localization, editing and naming thousands of small audio files
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Tutorials, Webinars

For tutorials and webinars we localize multiple languages, replacing audio, video captions and screenshots
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Corporate Presentations

Corporate presentations from voice recording in multiple languages to complete replacement of captions and screenshots
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and Features

Documentaries and features thanks to a journalistic background
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In-flight Messages

In-flight and on-board messages for passengers on airlines
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Phone, Public Address

Phone messages or IVR for public address at airports, bus or railway stations
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TV Series

TV series can be dubbed with full ADR or lip-sync focusing on specific markets
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Audio Guides &
Audio Tours

Audio guides and tours from casting to acting the story for audio guides and tours
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Audio Books

Audio books with spoken commentary in most languages for museums, tours and any public location
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How we handle your project

From the choice of the right voices to final delivery of files, we apply the greatest possible care to follow in detail and full confidentiality our client’s guidelines.

Here is a step by step guide on a typical project process...
  • Click on quote to let us know your project details
  • Pick the language/s you need for your audio
  • Provide your voice talent preferences: age, voice tone, etc.
    Or choose the voice by clicking on casting
  • Tell us your production specs: media, script extension (words or minutes), edition details, is it non-timed or timed audio, etc
  • Let us know your company details so that we can contact you
  • We address to you by e‑mail a quote outlining the prices for the requested services
  • We provide a turnaround time in business days
  • We assign the chosen and available voices/languages for your project
  • We specify terms & conditions
  • You order by signing our quote or write an
    e-mail approving it
  • You provide the script with instructions and pronunciation guidelines (jargon, brand names, etc)
  • If you order timed audio, send us your video or animation
  • We book the chosen / available voice talents and the studio
  • We let you know a schedule for the recording
  • You provide the script with instructions and pronunciation guidelines (jargon, brand names, etc)
  • If you ordered timed audio, send us the video or animation
  • We record the voices in our studios
  • We direct the talents. You can also do it through video/audio conference (Skype)
  • We monitor, clean and edit following your requirements
  • We send you the audio files or the video with the integrated foreign audio track
  • You will receive a link which will allow you to listen to the recordings in preview mode
  • If you like the recording, you click on the secure payment page
  • You can choose Mastercard or VISA
  • You will receive a link to download the master audio / video
  • We also accept PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • We will send you an invoice
  • We appreciate your comments and remarks
  • We stand by for eventual retakes, pick-ups, add-ons, etc
  • We keep your files and scripts for 3 months