We are offering custom audio datasets according to your specifications.

Each dataset may include any number of languages and voice talents. We are working with over 100 languages and if our growing castings doesn't include what you need, we are specialists in sourcing talents thanks to our global network of partner studios and vendors. We have over 20 years of experience in multilingual audio projects. We can offer a wide range of solutions that meet your needs depending on how much involvement you require in the overall project. We believe that consistency is key and that quality assurance is pivotal for large scale projects. We commit to provide only files that meet your requirements.

I want to record 50 native voice talents speaking French Canadian with many English words in the script.

I need to record 1000 segments with a group of 100 voice talents evenly distributed across a specific region.

I have to record portions of a given script with overlapping content by a selection of 75 talents, I have specific requirements regarding age and gender for the selected group of speakers.

I'm looking to source as many available talents as possible for a given set of languages and dialects to record monthly content.


We have the technical abilities to connect directly to any API (e.g using json, xml or csv). We have experience build- ing in-house solutions that handle script preparation, recording and QA inside the same platform to enhance collaboration for large audio and video projects. We can parse the scripts to be recorded directly from your sources and render it into a recording environment friendly script. Then once the audio is recorded, editors can review the deliverables directly on the same web app to start an interative process until the quality bar is met. We can also populate your databases directly once the audio files and metadata are validated so you can focus on other aspects of your pipeline.

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