Audio Narration

We can handle any audio project, no matter its extension or complexity

Our specialty: handling multiple languages and many actors simultaneously providing a fast turnaround

Our casting includes a wide variety of voice artists who will get your message across to your audience either local or global. You can listen and download our samples online and choose your preferred talents, all native and seasoned.

Over 1,500 artists in 80 languages represented by 3,000 samples to choose from !

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Our native artistic directors will ensure that voice talents deliver your script with the right tone, reading pace and diction. We double check for accuracy the pronunciation of sensitive brand names and technical jargon. Every audio project includes a QA screening before delivery. The process of voice narration usually takes 1 hour for every 15 minutes of final audio.

In-house audio engineers will provide you with the right audio track to meet your needs of timing, audio level, as well as any format and compression. Thanks to our Neumann microphones, ProTools HD stations and acoustically deadened sound booths, you are guaranteed a clean, fluent voice track with the right dynamic range. We use state-of-the art Millenia and Avalon preamps to get pristine sound equalised and normalised for any media output. We complete the process by cleaning and editing the audio into files, renaming them as per your specs.