Dubbing Tools

Mic for recording dubbings

On Recording...

To lip-sync video and film in foreign languages, we use VoiceQ, a translation and cueing software. As a kind of Karaoke, Voice Q displays onscreen a synchronised scrolling text offering voice artists and sound engineers a frame-accurate cue, which makes the process of dubbing easy, accurate and cost-effective.

Post_production, dubbing process

On Post-Production...

By using VocAlign PRO software through ProTools mixing stations, our audio engineers can excel in lip-synching since they can automatically align the new replacement dialog line to the original soundbite. Thanks to its time compression/expansion tool, VocALign PRO automatically stretches or compresses the recorded line to match the timing patterns of the original audio signal. This software allows an alignment of tracks up to 5 minutes long without sound degradation.